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4 Piece

Choose One Flavor


12 Pack



Signature Dark

Milk & White

Handcrafted Heirloom Ecuadorian Chocolate, with an unwavering commitment to the highest quality, ethical, and environmental responsibility. HOF replaces the standard ingredient of sugar by creating the chocolate from scratch and sweetening with local honey.

Special consideration has gone in to choosing the finest milk and white chocolate, focusing on single origin, ethical and organic. While the milk adds creamy texture, it is still the beans that steal the show. 

Rose & Lemon

International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Canadian Silver

Because roses reveal a woman's radiance

Berries & Nibs

Pairs well with a bold red wine

Fruity profile, made with a combination of rare & well known berries


Grapefruit & Clove

Citrus front with a smooth dark finish, infused with grapefruit oil, squeezed lemon & ground clove

Truffle Oil & Himalayan Sea Salt

For the sophisticated palate, sumptuous and savoury in taste

Orange & Sea Buckthorn

Pairs well with Calgary's Village Blacksmith Ale

Refining the traditional, sea buckthorn illuminates the wild orange essence

Mint Spirulina

Reminiscent of the After Eight. The spirulina is ethereal, and a gratifying after dinner mint

Lavender & Honey

Fragrant notes; poetic and enchanting, like a dreamer believing the dream

Chipotle Spice

Harmonious chaos for those who appreciate heat

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Blueberry & Jam

With organic white chocolate

Inspired by country living and the comfort of a homemade dessert

Goldenberry & Palm Sugar

Mexican Origin - even dark choc. lovers will enjoy

A gourmet synthesis where superfood and sugar meet 

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